Built from the Ground Up

R Faucett Construction believes in the term “built from the ground-up” because that is exactly how our construction business came to be.

Over time we’ve grown to 10 employees in addition to our founder, Robert Faucett. Our staff is quite diverse with craftsmen and professionals from various walks-of-life. We have experienced managers, cabinet and furniture makers, framing and finish carpenters, and heavy equipment operators and laborers. Whether you need a home remodeling contractor or a cabinet maker, we have the expertise and skill within our team to help you get the right service.

We promote a culture of continuing education. Each of our staff members are up-to-date on the latest materials, construction techniques, and management practices. Our experienced staff attends various technical conferences, and hold memberships in national and local trade organizations.

In addition to our 25+ years experience in the residential construction industry, Robert Faucett has a degree in Architecture, with honors, from the University of New Mexico. It is because of this exceptional background, we’re able to work so close with a client and architect to create the right construction plan for you.

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Our direct involvement allows us to insure quality and closely supervise necessary subcontractors.

With significant business management and systems support, each project we undertake is directly overseen by a dedicated Project Manager and a Lead Carpenter/Foreman who shepherd the project from start to finish. Our large and diversified staff allows us to optimize the construction team skill set for any particular project. Our direct involvement in site preparation, framing & finish carpentry, cabinetry, and tile work allows us to insure quality and closely supervise necessary subcontractors.

Our custom cabinetry and furniture shop can be particularly valuable on historic renovations where matching existing details or replicating a period motif is critical. We have extensive experience in building custom doors, windows, and cabinetry to match existing details or to create a desired architectural effect. We can also execute customized kitchen cabinets, vanities, fireplace mantels, and bookcases that accentuate a particular building design or reflect a client’s taste in a manner not otherwise possible with off the shelf options.